Who is Freddie Highmore’s wife? Klarissa Munz, all to know about the “Good Doctor’s” wife

Klarissa Munz-Freddi Highmore wife

Klarissa Munz has gained considerable recognition as the wife of Freddie Highmore, a renowned actor known for his roles in “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” “Finding Neverland,” and “The Good Doctor.” Despite her husband’s high-profile career, Klarissa has maintained a low profile, keeping their personal life private.

Profile summary

Full Name Klarissa Munz
Profession Web Designer / Developer
Age 32 years old (as of 2024)
Birth Year 1992
Nationality British
Ethnicity White
Education Theology and Religious Studies at Cambridge University
Marital Status Married
Spouse Freddie Highmore
Public Relationship Announcement September 2021 on Jimmy Kimmel Live!
Known For Being Freddie Highmore’s wife
Skills HTML, JavaScript, CSS, jQuery, SASS

Who is Klarissa Munz?

Klarissa Munz is a web designer from the United Kingdom. Her marriage to Freddie Highmore in 2021 brought her into the limelight, although she prefers to keep their life away from the public eye​​​​.

Early Life and Education

She pursued Theology and Religious Studies at Cambridge University. Even though little is known about her childhood or her parents, rumors suggest she was raised in a loving Christian family.

How Old is Klarissa Munz?

Klarissa Munz was born in 1992, making her 32 years old. However, details about her exact birth date are not publicly known​​.

What does Klarissa Munz’s do?

Professionally, Klarissa is a web designer/developer, known to have worked as a contract-fronted junior developer at Radical Departures. She has also been involved in web development roles at General Assembly and as an international research executive at Flamingo. Her skill set includes HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, SASS, and Cascading Style Sheets​​.



Meeting Freddie Highmore

The couple’s romance blossomed at Cambridge University, leading to a private wedding in 2021, confirmed by Highmore during a talk show appearance.

Who is Freddie Highmore?

Freddie Highmore is a British actor best known for his roles in movies like “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” and TV shows such as “The Good Doctor,” where he plays Dr. Shaun Murphy. Born in 1992, he began acting as a child, showcasing remarkable talent from a young age. Freddie’s dedication to his craft has earned him critical acclaim and a fan base around the world. He’s appreciated not just for his acting abilities but also for his private nature, successfully balancing a high-profile career with a personal life away from the spotlight. Freddie is also admired for his academic achievements, having studied Spanish and Arabic at Cambridge University.

Freddie Highmore’s Relationship History

Before marrying Klarissa Munz, Freddie Highmore was linked with several celebrities. He dated Sarah Bolger, his co-star from “The Spiderwick Chronicles,” during their teenage years. There were also rumors about him dating Dakota Fanning after they were seen together in 2009. Additionally, there were speculations about a possible relationship with Abigail Breslin and Emma Roberts, though these were not confirmed. Highmore has kept his personal life quite private, only publicly acknowledging his marriage to Munz.

Freddi Highmore-Klarissa Munz at an award ceremony

Freddi Highmore and his wife Klarissa Munz at an award ceremony

Klarissa Munz’s Relationship

Klarissa and Freddie Highmore met at Cambridge University, where she pursued a degree in Theology and Religious Studies, and he studied Spanish and Arabic. The couple’s relationship remained private until Highmore revealed their marriage on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” in September 2021. Despite being in the public eye, they have kept details of their relationship discreet, choosing not to share much on social media or in interviews​​​​.


There have been no significant controversies surrounding Klarissa Munz. She and Highmore have managed to keep their relationship and personal life away from the tabloids and controversies typical in the entertainment industry.

Fast Facts

  • Munz and Highmore both attended Cambridge University.
  • They share a preference for keeping their relationship private.
  • Munz has a professional background in web development.


Who is Freddie Highmore married to? Freddie Highmore is married to Klarissa Munz, a British web designer​​.

What does Klarissa Munz do for a living? Klarissa Munz is a web designer and developer, with experience in front-end development and various web technologies​​.

How did Freddie Highmore and Klarissa Munz meet? They met while attending Cambridge University, where they both pursued their respective degrees​​.