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Jimmy Kimmel is a famous talk show host known for his charm, witty wit and A-list guests on his show. As the host of Jimmy Kimmel Live! On ABC, Jimmy has been serving up comedy and hilarious performances to television viewers for years. Before you get the Jimmy Kimmel Live! Show, he was known more for his several appearances and sketches on Comedy Central. Through his platform, he has not only managed to address issues affecting celebrities and life, but has also kept his viewers updated on political discussions such as health legislation that directly impacts their lives.

Jimmy Kimmel – Bio, Dude

Jimmy Kimmel was born James Christian Kimmel on November 13, 1967. He grew up in the Mill Basin neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York and is the eldest of three children. His parents, James John Kimmel and Joan Kimmel (née Iacono), worked at American Express and were housewives, respectively. James was also an IBM executive. Joan is of Italian descent from the volcanic island of Ischia. After the 1883 earthquake, her family immigrated to the United States. His father is of German descent, as two of Jimmy Kimmel’s great-great-grandparents were German immigrants. His last name was “Kümmel”, which means cumin in German, generations back.

At the age of 9, Jimmy Kimmel’s family moved to Las Vegas, Nevada where he attended and graduated from Ed W. Clark High School in the Clark County School District. It was then that he discovered David Letterman, the man who has remained his idol. Jimmy went to University of Nevada at Las Vegas (UNLV) for a year, where he received his honorary doctorate in 2013, and then to Arizona State University for two years. However, he did not obtain a degree from the latter school.

It was when he was in college that he found his love for show business, first testing the airwaves at UNLV and Arizona State University. At the age of 21, Jimmy Kimmel began his professional radio career. Funnily enough, he was fired from radio shows in Seattle, Tampa Tucson, and Phoenix early in his career. This back-and-forth would eventually end when he found a permanent spot on Los Angeles radio station KROQ as “Jimmy the Sports Guy” on The Kevin and Bean Show.

He made his television debut as the host of the Comedy Central game show Win Ben Stein’s Money in 1997. The role of Jimmy Kimmel offered comic tendencies, a contrast to the show’s eponymous challenger. Together, Jimmy Kimmel and Ben Stein won a 1999 Daytime Emmy Award for Best Game Show Host and received a 2001 Daytime Emmy nomination. He went on to co-host (and co-produce). The Man Show , another Comedy Central program. The success of The Man Show allowed Kimmel to start a production company called Jackhole Productions along with his co-host Adam Carolla and co-producer Daniel Kellison.

With the number of shows successfully produced, ABC took notice of him. In 2003 he left The Man Show for Jimmy Kimmel Live! on ABC.

salary and wealth

Jimmy Kimmel makes $15 million a year hosting Jimmy Kimmel Live! Thanks to the show, his net worth is estimated to be approximately $35 million. He received $15,000 for the 2018 Academy Awards.


Jimmy Kimmel was born and raised Roman Catholic with his younger siblings Jonathan Kimmel and Jill Kimmel. He volunteered as an altar boy for his local Roman Catholic church.

Family – wife, sons, daughters

In 1988, Kimmel married his high school sweetheart, Gina Maddy. Together they have two children; Katherine – born in 1991 and Kevin – born in 1993. However, as Kimmel’s career blossomed, the marriage began to deteriorate. In 2002, Gina Maddy filed for divorce.

From 2002 to 2008, Jimmy Kimmel began dating his Crank Yankers co-star Sarah Silverman. Crank Yankers was a show also produced by Kimmel. In 2009, the couple split, and that same year he began dating Molly McNearney, a co-editor for Jimmy Kimmel Live! In August 2012, they announced that they were engaged and in July 2013, they married. Together they welcomed their first child, their daughter Jane Kimmel on the 10th of July 2014. On the 21st of April their son William Billy Kimmel was born.

His son was born with a serious heart condition and underwent open-heart surgery three hours after his birth. On December 4th , ABC announced that baby Billy had undergone successful second heart surgery, and Jimmy Kimmel was given time off to be with his family during that time. On December 11th , the comedian returned to the show with his son in hand, telling the audience that his son is doing “great” a week after surgery. He took the opportunity to thank the doctors at Los Angeles Children’s Hospital for doing their best while operating on his son to keep him alive.