50 Tinker Bell characters: All to know about your favourite fairies

50 Tinker Bell characters: All to know about your favourite fairies

Let’s talk about the magical world of Tinker Bell and her friends. These fairies from Disney’s stories have captured the hearts of many with their adventures, unique talents, and personalities.

Get ready for an exciting trip into the magical world of Tinker Bell and her buddies in Pixie Hollow. This place is full of fairies, each with their cool skills and stories. We’ve got Tinker Bell, who’s always fixing things; Silvermist, who can talk to water; Fawn, who’s best friends with animals; and Queen Clarion, who knows all about being a great leader.

If you love fairy tales or just find out about these magical creatures, you’re going to enjoy this fun ride through a world where magic is real, and friendship is the best kind of spell. Originating from the imaginative world of J.M. Barrie and brought to life by the creative minds at Disney, these characters have become icons of fairy tale lore. Here’s a closer look at 50 of these charming characters, each bringing their sparkle to Pixie Hollow.

1. Tinker Bell


The main character is known for her problem-solving skills and a little temper. Her talent is tinkering, meaning she fixes things, which is crucial for the fairy community.

2. Silvermist

A sweet Water Fairy with an easygoing personality. She has the ability to manipulate water, making her an essential figure in maintaining balance in nature.

3. Rosetta

A Garden Fairy with a flair for beauty and gardening. Despite her elegant demeanor, she’s not a fan of getting her hands dirty but makes exceptions for the sake of beauty.

4. Iridessa

Bright and optimistic, Iridessa is a Light Fairy who can manipulate light. She’s a stickler for rules and order, ensuring that every sparkle is in its place.

5. Fawn


An Animal Fairy with a big heart and adventurous spirit. She communicates with animals and is always ready to lend a helping hand (or wing) to creatures in need.

6. Vidia

Fast-flying and somewhat self-centered, Vidia can move at incredible speeds and create whirlwinds. Despite her tough exterior, she cares deeply for her friends.

7. Periwinkle

Tinker Bell’s long-lost sister and a Frost Fairy. Her abilities include creating ice and snow, which are vital for winter in Pixie Hollow.

8. Zarina

A curious and inventive Dust-Keeper Fairy fascinated by the many uses of Pixie Dust, leading her to experiment and discover new forms of magic.

9. Bobble

A quirky inventor and tinker fairy known for his glasses made of water droplets. He’s always ready with a new gadget to help out.

10. Terence


A Dust-Keeper fairy responsible for distributing pixie dust. His kindness and reliability make him a beloved figure among the fairies.

11. Queen Clarion

The wise and benevolent ruler of Pixie Hollow. Her understanding of fairy talents guides her in leading the fairy community with grace.

12. Nyx

A dedicated Scout Fairy tasked with protecting Pixie Hollow. She takes her responsibilities seriously, often to a fault.

13. Rumble

A competitive Storm-Talent Sparrow Man, known for his desire to win the Pixie Hollow Games at any cost.

14. Fairy Mary

The head of the tinker fairies, Fairy Mary is strict but deeply cares for her charges, ensuring they fulfill their roles effectively.

15. Clank

Clank - TinkerBell Characters

A large, friendly tinker fairy and Bobble’s best friend. His size and strength are invaluable to the tinkers.

16. Lord Milori

The ruler of the Winter Woods, he oversees the frost fairies and ensures the winter season runs smoothly.

17. Beck

An Animal Fairy with an exceptional ability to understand and communicate with all animals.

18. Cheese

Not a fairy, but a helpful mouse in Tinker’s Nook. Assists in moving items and is an integral part of the community.

19. Glimmer

A Storm-Talent Fairy who shines in the Pixie Hollow Games, using her abilities to help her team.

20. Blaze


A tiny firefly who helps light the way for fairies at night. Known for his bright light and courageous heart.

21. Spike

A Frost-Talent Fairy with a mischievous streak, close friend of Periwinkle, and skilled in creating ice sculptures.

22. Gliss

A Light Fairy who enjoys wearing makeup and bringing light to Pixie Hollow with her glowing personality.

23. Sled

A Winter-Talent Sparrow Man who woos Rosetta with his charm. He’s key in helping with winter preparations.

24. Lizzy Griffiths

A human girl who discovers the fairies and forms a special bond with Tinker Bell, bridging the human and fairy worlds.

25. Dewey

Dewey - TinkerBell Characters

Known as “The Keeper,” he’s a wise fairy who holds knowledge and history of Pixie Hollow.

26. Aidan

A character shrouded in mystery, his backstory and talents contribute to the rich tapestry of fairy lore.

27. Bess

A talented artist fairy who sees the beauty in everything and shares it through her art.

28. Fira

A Light-Talent Fairy with the crucial role of illuminating Pixie Hollow at night, ensuring it’s never dark.

29. Prilla

One of the few fairies born from a child’s laughter, her curiosity and adventurous spirit lead her on many journeys.

30. Rani

Rani wingless Fairy

Unique among fairies, Rani has the ability to manipulate water, making her vital to Pixie Hollow’s ecosystem.

31. Copper

A lesser-known fairy with a curious nature, contributing to the diversity of talents in Pixie Hollow.

32. Fury

A fairy with a fiery spirit, her backstory and abilities add depth to the fairy community.

33. Lumina

A Light Fairy who plays with fireflies, spreading light and joy throughout the Hollow.

34. Necia

Known for her strength and bravery, she defeats a dragon, showcasing the power and courage of fairies.

35. Lyria

Lyria - TinkerBell Characters

A Storytelling Fairy, Lyria brings tales to life with her words, captivating her audience with magical stories.

36. Captain Hook

The infamous pirate from Peter Pan, known for his vendetta against Peter and his interactions with the fairies.

37. Mr. Smee

Captain Hook’s loyal assistant, bumbling and kind-hearted, contrasting with Hook’s villainy.

38. Minister of Spring

Responsible for bringing spring to the Mainland, his work ensures the cycle of seasons continues smoothly.

39. Minister of Summer

She oversees the preparations for summer, ensuring that it’s a time of joy and abundance in Pixie Hollow.

40. Minister of Autumn

Minister of Autumn

His role is to manage the autumn season, a time of harvest and preparation for the colder months.

41. Minister of Winter

Oversees the winter fairies and ensures the winter season is magical and orderly.

42. Fairy Gary

A Dust-Keeper fairy with a pivotal role in maintaining the Pixie Dust Tree, essential for fairy magic.

43. Grimsley

A garden gnome with a humorous side, adding whimsy and laughter to the fairy world.

44. Leech

A minor antagonist on the Troll Bridge, presenting challenges to fairies on their quests.

45. Martin Griffiths

Martin Griffiths - Lizzy's father

Lizzy’s father, whose scientific curiosity about butterflies indirectly connects him to the fairy world.

46. Glissandra

A Light Fairy known for her love of makeup and bringing brightness wherever she goes.

47. Tizzywing

A Fast-Flying Talent Fairy known for her speed and efficiency, making her a valuable asset to Pixie Hollow.

48. Ariette

A fairy with unique talents, contributing to the diversity and richness of the fairy community.

49. Necia (repeat)

A powerful fairy whose bravery and strength make her a legend within Pixie Hollow.

50. Lord Milori (repeat)

Lord Milori

The noble ruler of the Winter Woods, ensured peace and order in his domain.

All these are the Tinker Bell characters from the Disney Fairies film with each character in Pixie Hollow having their own story, talent, and role that contributes to the magic and harmony of their world. From the guardians of nature to the keepers of fairy knowledge, these characters embody the spirit of cooperation, adventure, and friendship that defines the Tinker Bell series.