Glo Yakata Data Plan, Prices & Codes

Glo, commonly known as Globacom, is Nigeria’s first indigenous mobile network. This provider offers both GSM and internet services, as well as some of Nigeria’s most affordable plans. The Glo Yakata data plan is one of various packages available to Glo’s valued clients.

What is Glo Yakata’s strategy? This is a Glo plan that includes a phone and data bundle for prepaid subscribers. You receive a lot of data and free calls from one Glo line to another with this plan.

This plan is definitely worth looking into if you’re a Glo client. After reading this essay, you might be attracted to join the Glo Yakata plan. Let’s get right to it.

Glo Yakata Prepaid Plan Explanation

Glo is one of the continent’s largest telecoms conglomerates. It offers a variety of prepaid programs to which clients can subscribe and receive fantastic perks. The Glo Yakata Plan is one such scheme. Customers who subscribe to this plan receive incredible data and voice perks with each recharge. This means that every Glo customer will be able to use this plan.

We should also point out that all new Glo prepaid customers are automatically enrolled in the Yakata prepaid plan. So, if you just bought a Glo SIM, you’re already on this plan and don’t need to move. Different recharge amounts have different fascinating benefits, which we’ll list in the table below:

Recharge Amount (N) Main Account All-Net (N) Bonus Account On-Net Voice Benefit (N) Bonus Account All-Net Voice Benefit (N) Data Benefit (MB) Social Data Benefit* (MB) Data Benefit on 1st Recharge of the Month (MB)
100 100 300 200 25 25
200 200 600 400 50 50 250
500 500 1500 1000 125 125 600
1000 1000 3000 2000 250 250 1200
5000 5000 15000 10000 1250 1250 6000

You can see the different recharge quantities and the perks that come with each quantity in the table above. As you can see, each deal is pretty enticing, but that’s not all; the Glo Yakata plan also includes special data plans. Take a look at the table below for further information:

N50 27MB 1day
N100 90MB 1day
N200 240MB 2days
N500 800MB 14days
N1,000 1.9GB 30days
N1,500 3.5GB 30days
N2,000 5.2GB 30days
N2,500 6.8GB 30days
N3,000 9GB 30days
N4,000 12.25GB 30days
N5,000 17GB 30days
N8,000 27.5GB 30days
N10,000 46GB 30days
N15,000 86GB 30days
N18,000 109GB 30days
N20,000 126GB 30days

The next topic covered in this essay is how to relocate to Glo Yakata. This can be found in the next section.

Changing your name to Glo Yakata

As previously stated, new Glo customers are automatically enrolled in the Yakata plan and do not need to transfer. If you’ve been a Glo user for a while and aren’t on this plan, you’ll need to migrate. The good news is that making the switch is as simple as inputting a code. Simply call *230# from your phone’s dialer and follow the instructions.

Why should you consider relocating to Glo Yakata? As you can see from the charts above, the advantages of this tariff plan are enormous. For example, if you are just getting your Glo SIM, you can get up to 6 GB of data per month for the first six months. If you do the math, that’s 36 GB of data in just six months. Aside from that, every N100 recharge earns you a bonus of 2.200 percent. You can use this bonus to call any Nigerian network.

The call rates are one of the main advantages of switching to Glo Yakata. Regardless matter which network you dial, calls are generally inexpensive. The only drawback to this plan is the high call rates to other networks while using bonus airtime. It is more expensive than other Glo tariff options’ normal call prices.

Glo Yakata’s Advantages and Bonuses are Expounded

You get data and airtime benefits for every recharge you make on Glo Yakata. A recharge of N100, for example, will provide you 2.200 percent of the value of the recharge. This means that you will receive N2,200 in airtime and data bonuses.

Let’s say you need to recharge your N200. You’ll get N4,400 in bonuses for data and airtime. Your account is split into five sums once you recharge on this tariff plan, as shown in the table above. This account balance shows you how the 2.200 percent is distributed.

Subscription Code for Glo Yakata

Follow the steps below to switch to the Glo Yakata plan.

Step 1: Use your phone dialer to dial *100# to see if you’re already on Yakata. Continue to the next step if you are not on this plan.

Step 2: To migrate to Glo Yakata, dial *230# from your phone dialer.

Step 3: Dial *230*1# to check your Yakata bonuses. However, once you recharge, you will receive many confirmation notifications indicating that the various benefits have been activated.

Step 4: To unsubscribe from Glo Yakata, type *220# from your phone’s call pad. Although the process is absolutely free, re-subscribing to the plan will set you back N100.