Glo Unlimited Data Plans, Prices & Codes

Glo is a Nigerian mobile data carrier and the country’s first of its sort. Glo has always offered its clients a variety of data plans since its inception. This organization has altered its data plans throughout time to meet the needs of its clients.

Glo has recently introduced a new category of data plans known as Glo Unlimited Data Plans. The plans in this category are reasonably priced and have a set duration of validity. This document will outline the various Glo Unlimited Data Plans, as well as their costs and activation codes. Let’s get right to it.

Plans, Prices, and Codes for Glo Unlimited Data

As previously said, Glo has always offered a choice of data plans to its clients since its inception. Many claim that this firm now offers the most reasonable data prices in Nigeria. While this piece will not compare Glo’s data to that of the networks, it will show you one of the company’s greatest offerings. The Unlimited Data Plan is included with this deal. This category includes a number of data plans to ensure that the company’s prepaid clients have access to affordable data.

By unlimited, we imply that the subscriber has unrestricted access to data for a set length of time. However, this is not exactly the case because the data plans in this category are subject to a fair usage guideline. This implies that once you’ve used up a certain amount of data, your surfing performance will significantly slow down.

Let’s have a look at the many Glo Unlimited Plan options now that you know what it is. The table below lists the various data bundles available under the Glo Unlimited Plan, as well as their costs, validity periods, and activation codes.


  • 2.9GB NGN1000 *127*53# 30days
  • 4.1GB NGN1500 *127*55# 30days
  • 5.8GB NGN2,000 *127*55#
  • 10GB NGN3,000 *127*54#
  • 7.7GB NGN2,500 *127*58#
  • 7.7GB NGN2,500 *127*58#
  • 13.25GB NGN4,000 *127*59#
  • 93GB NGN15,000 *127*12#
  • 119GB NGN18,000 *127*13#
  • 138GB NGN20,000 *127*33#
  • 18.25GB NGN5,000 *127*2#
  • 29.5GB NGN8,000 *127*1#
  • 50GB NGN10,000 *127*11#

Glo maintains the right to make changes to this price list in accordance with its company rules and NCC guidelines. The following section of this post will go through each of these data plans and their various features.

Glo Unlimited Data Plans: An Overview

Would you like to learn more about the Glo Unlimited Data Plans’ various data bundles? To find out, keep reading.

Glo N1000 Unlimited Plan

You can subscribe to the N1,000 if you don’t use a lot of data or aren’t very active. When you sign up for this plan, you’ll get 2.9 GB of storage. New customers, on the other hand, receive a lot more out of this plan in terms of bonuses. This plan has a 30-day validity term, so you can enjoy unrestricted internet access during that time. There’s a catch, though: once you’ve used up the 2.9 GB, your browsing speed slows to a crawl. Dial *127*53# to activate this plan on your line.

Glo N1500 Unlimited Plan

If you want a low-cost data plan but aren’t pleased with the N1000 plan, the N1500 plan is a good option. It costs N1,500 and gives you access to 4.1 GB, as the name implies. When compared to other networks’ offers, this is a significant amount of money. The N1500 has a 30-day validity term and is simple to activate. To obtain the data into your account, call *127*55# from your phone dialer. Before dialing this code, make sure your line is loaded with the appropriate amount.

Glo N2000 Unlimited Plan

If you believe the preceding two data plans do not meet your data needs, you can select this plan. This data plan costs N2,000 per month and includes 5.8 GB of data. It, like the other data plans above, has a 30-day validity period. This plan can be activated by dialing *127*55#.

Glo N2500 Unlimited Plan

This data bundle belongs to the Glo Unlimited Data Plans’ mid-tier category. It will set you back N2,500 and provide you with 7.7 GB of data. This plan is valid for 30 days and can be used on any device. To activate this plan on your line, dial *127*58#. Before dialing the code, make sure you have enough airtime on your line to activate this plan.

Glo N3000 Unlimited Plan

This is another data plan from Glo that is in the middle of the unlimited data plans. As you may think, there are numerous advantages to subscribing to this data plan. You get 10 GB of data on your line after enrolling, which you can use for the next 30 days. To activate this plan, call *127*54# from your phone dialer, and the data will be sent to your account.

Glo N4000 Unlimited Plan

Large investments always provide enormous results, and this data plan exemplifies this perfectly. It will set you back N4,000 and provide you with 13.25 GB of data. That’s a lot of data, especially considering it’ll be available for 30 days. This plan can be activated by dialing *127*59#, however you must first have at least N4,000 airtime on your line.

Glo N5000 Unlimited Plan

We recommend that you check if you are qualified for this plan before trying to sign up for it. Dial *127*2# to see if you’re eligible. If you receive the following notification, you are eligible:

“The operation failed due to insufficient balance.”

Now that you know you’re eligible, the following step is to put N5,000 into your line. After then, dial *127*2# again to activate the plan, which will provide you 18.25 GB of data for 30 days.

What is the most cost-effective Glo Unlimited Data Plan?

The truth is that under the Glo Unlimited Data Plans, there isn’t a single data package that isn’t fantastic. Each has its own set of benefits, but the only thing that matters is the one you can afford. However, the pricier plans are assured to provide the biggest benefits, so if you can, choose the more expensive ones.